Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Superiority Stats

Every First Team game, I keep a record of shots on target and off target, both for Laxey and the opposition. I do the same for corners awarded.

I have been aware that every game our figures are usually much better, sometimes hugely better than the opposition.

I think I do it fairly, recording what shots look to be on target. Sometimes it is a bit of a subjective argument as you can sometimes not be absolutely sure where the ball would have ended up.

However, with Corners, there is no doubt and I am sure I recorded them accurately.

The figures are amazing. The only team which came close to us so far this season is Old Boys, who had more corners than us, and more shots off target, though one less on target.

Here are the total stats up to date :

Laxey /The Rest

Shots on Target 102/ 35

Shots off Target 80/ 45

Corners 92/ 30

Which begs the question - how many of those 92 corners have we converted directly into goals?

I suspect it is very few.

We need A Plan.......

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