Monday, September 21, 2009

The Leaving of Laxey - The Ethos of Laxey

There was a slightly rowdy gathering at the Laxey club house on Saturday to say goodbye to Jack Walton. Jack has been with us for a couple of years, playing as a classy and solid midfielder, rarely wasting a pass* and adding a sheen of professionalism to the Club.

Watching the gathering made you realise how far Laxey has come in recent years and what a great bunch of people we have here. From those who started with us well over twenty years ago or at the age of eight, to the newest, they are all pleasant, responsible and funny lads who are a credit to themselves and the Club. The Unbeaten Grand Slam was won three years ago with most of those and that team spirit and friendship was a major part of that campaign. That Cup and League winning sunny Spring of 2006 was the happiest of times. You could see on Saturday that spirit was still there.

As long as we keep that spirit, we will be a happy and successful club.

All the best in your new job Jack

*(Yard of Ale)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Early Season...

An interesting start to the season, with most of the top clubs slipping up at least once. Laxey, after their barnstorming opening day victory over Champions St. George's, have had a bit of a struggle.

A loss to a good Peel team followed, and then a 1 - 1 draw with Ramsey was an unexpected dropping of two points.

There foll
owed a game against St Mary's in torrential rain, when apparently, despite playing well, the conditions put us 3 - 0 down. Fortunately the referee had to call the game off. That will be re-played, and we will do much better next time.

This week though, back on winning ways with a 1 - 0 win over Castletown.

The Second Team (Combination) have had the same promising start as the first team, with one loss, two wins and a draw.

Next time I hope to have some history from our Research Moose, George Lawson - with tales of our first game in the League, and the time we left the league in the thirties and reformed under an alias......

More Moose News later...

Pictured left: Mark Blair after saving the day against Castletown.....