Monday, December 28, 2009

1980 - 1981 - First Team Consolidate in Second Division

This was a much better year for Laxey First Team, and they finished solidly in the Second Division. New signings included Ian Astin, an accomplished full back, who went on to play for the Island, and the infamous Bruce Dawkes, a strong centre forward and skilful player who mostly played at centre forward, but was equally useful at the back.

The records I have showed that the team played 25 games, won 15, drew 3 and lost 7. On the present point scoring system they amassed 42 points, and scored 73 goals while conceding 43.

Their biggest win was an 8 - 1 win against Ayre, and their biggest loss was 7 - 1 to Marown.

They lost in the first round of the Woods Cup, but won both first round games in the FA Cup and Hospital Cup, losing both cups in the second round.

Players used that season were:

John Leece / 25
Ian Astin / 24
Gary Beattie / 24
David Cole / 24
Carl Senogles / 23
Ian McMullin / 23 (Goalkeeper)
Trevor Cowin / 22
Phil Garrett / 22
Gregory Kneale / 19
Bruce Dawkes / 16
Paul Desmond / 15
Keith Cody / 9
Davey Quayle / 8
Neil Kinrade / 5
David Ball / 3
David Wallis / 3
Alan Hannay / 3
Paul Marriott / 2
and one each for Dave Corlett, John Brown, Peter Kinnish, Paul Renard and Alan Kennaugh.

George Lawson and Derek Atkinson both had turns as subs, but did not play.

Once again John Leece (father of Jonathan) racked up a hefty score of appearances. Could he be the most profilic player at Laxey in their recent history?

Carl Senogles is still active, finishing the Parish Walk last year, and becoming a rapidly improving race walker. He also will have amassed a high number of appearances.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Superiority Stats

Every First Team game, I keep a record of shots on target and off target, both for Laxey and the opposition. I do the same for corners awarded.

I have been aware that every game our figures are usually much better, sometimes hugely better than the opposition.

I think I do it fairly, recording what shots look to be on target. Sometimes it is a bit of a subjective argument as you can sometimes not be absolutely sure where the ball would have ended up.

However, with Corners, there is no doubt and I am sure I recorded them accurately.

The figures are amazing. The only team which came close to us so far this season is Old Boys, who had more corners than us, and more shots off target, though one less on target.

Here are the total stats up to date :

Laxey /The Rest

Shots on Target 102/ 35

Shots off Target 80/ 45

Corners 92/ 30

Which begs the question - how many of those 92 corners have we converted directly into goals?

I suspect it is very few.

We need A Plan.......

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Team Thirty Years ago - 1979 - 1980 season

Back in the Second Division after relegation, the First Team had a much more successful year.

Young players consolidating their places were Carl Senogles, Phil Garrett, David Cole, Gary Beattie, David Ball, and Ian McMullin, who also had a spell as Junior Island goalkeeper. Moving on were Johnny Grubb, who went on to play for the Island, and Ian Quayle.

We have inputted records of 18 league games and 7 cup games, and on those inputted, the team:-

Won 13; Drew 2; Lost 9; Scored 77 goals and conceded 52. On present points system they scored 26 points of the 17 games recorded. One match, against Union Mills, on the first day of the new decade, New Year's Day, 1980, was abandoned.

In Cup Runs, they won the first round of the Woods Cup but lost in the quarter-finals 3 - 0 to St. Georges. In the FA Cup, after winning the first round, they were knocked out 5 - 0 by Union Mills. A good run in the Hospital Cup saw them win two games and eventually lose in the semis to Peel, 5 - 1.

Appearances were as follows:

Phil Garrett 25
John Leece 25
David Cole 25
Trevor Cowin 23
Davey Quayle 23
Roy Christian 22
David Ball 22
Carl Senogles 21
Gary Beattie 20
Ian McMullin 19
Paul Desmond 15
Paul Renard 13
Neil Kinrade 13
Stephen Moore 6
Willy Cowley 5
David Wallis 5
Stephen Peel 4

And one appearance each from Greg Kneale, Nigel Brown, Peter Kinnish, Derek Atkinson, Brian Gordon and Tony Boner.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How the Comby Did in the 1978-79 Season

This was a typical Combination season of those days - the fixtures were not completed, which happened occasionally to the also-rans of the League in those days, particularly when pitches, especially ours, were mud baths.

The team played 20 games in total, and of the results available, won 5, drew 6 and lost 7, and on todays point scoring system for their league games they would have gained 16 points. Goals against were 46 and for 43.

Unfortunately the old team sheets being inputted do not include goal scorers.

Principal players of that season were:

Dudley Butt 20
George Lawson 20
Keith Sherratt 19
Peter Kinnish 15
Graham Thwaites 14
Willy Gelling 13
Tom Senogles 12
John Cleator (Neb) 12
Derek Atkinson 11
Ian McMullin 11
John Brown 10
David Ball 8
David Cole 8
Willy Cowley 5
Carl Senogles 5
Stephen Peel 5

Other Notables - Terry Druggan 2

Best win of the season was a 17 - 2 victory over St Mary's, on the pitch which is now the NSC astro-turf. Even I managed to score twice that day.

Biggest loss was a 6-0 defeat to Rushen in the quarter final of the Junior Cup

How the First Team Fared - 1978-1979

I recently found old team sheets dating between 1978 and 1984 and am gradually loading up the stats onto our website. Unfortunately there is no record of goalscorers, but this will make the appearances more accurate.

Laxey were in the First Division at the start of the 1978-79 season, but had lost several players who moved on. Young players coming through included Gary Beattie, David Cole, who went onto a professional career, and Carl Senogles, they were then only about 16 years of age. Paul Renard had been a first team regular but missed most of the season with broken ribs.

It was not a good season. The team failed to win any games in the league, and the only points they gained were for five draws. Of the 22 league games played, they lost 17.

There was a mini-FA Cup run, with two wins to get to the quarter final, which was lost.

The worst defeat was a 9-0 loss away at Ramsey, the best a 2-1 win in the FA Cup against Gymns. Obviously relegation followed.

Key players of that season were:

Trevor Cowin - played 24
Johnny Grubb 24
Ian Quayle 23
Gary Beattie 21
Nigel Brown 20
John Leece 20
Willy Cowley 18
Carl Senogles 18
Stephen Peel 17
Davey Quayle 17
Phil Garrett 15
David Cole 14
Roy Christian 12
John Brown 9
David Ball 9

Other Notables Paul Renard 4 and Peter Kinnish 2

There have been a couple of David Quayles playing for Laxey, this one was then the long haired artist/signwriter, still now playing a mean bass in various groups.

John Brown was the uncle of Johnny Callow

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Leaving of Laxey - The Ethos of Laxey

There was a slightly rowdy gathering at the Laxey club house on Saturday to say goodbye to Jack Walton. Jack has been with us for a couple of years, playing as a classy and solid midfielder, rarely wasting a pass* and adding a sheen of professionalism to the Club.

Watching the gathering made you realise how far Laxey has come in recent years and what a great bunch of people we have here. From those who started with us well over twenty years ago or at the age of eight, to the newest, they are all pleasant, responsible and funny lads who are a credit to themselves and the Club. The Unbeaten Grand Slam was won three years ago with most of those and that team spirit and friendship was a major part of that campaign. That Cup and League winning sunny Spring of 2006 was the happiest of times. You could see on Saturday that spirit was still there.

As long as we keep that spirit, we will be a happy and successful club.

All the best in your new job Jack

*(Yard of Ale)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Early Season...

An interesting start to the season, with most of the top clubs slipping up at least once. Laxey, after their barnstorming opening day victory over Champions St. George's, have had a bit of a struggle.

A loss to a good Peel team followed, and then a 1 - 1 draw with Ramsey was an unexpected dropping of two points.

There foll
owed a game against St Mary's in torrential rain, when apparently, despite playing well, the conditions put us 3 - 0 down. Fortunately the referee had to call the game off. That will be re-played, and we will do much better next time.

This week though, back on winning ways with a 1 - 0 win over Castletown.

The Second Team (Combination) have had the same promising start as the first team, with one loss, two wins and a draw.

Next time I hope to have some history from our Research Moose, George Lawson - with tales of our first game in the League, and the time we left the league in the thirties and reformed under an alias......

More Moose News later...

Pictured left: Mark Blair after saving the day against Castletown.....